The investigation of a suspected drug overdose led to the arrest of a Portland woman, who is now accused of selling heroin and cocaine from her motel room.

Erica Burwell, 34, of Portland is charged with two counts of unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs and receiving stolen property, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said in a Thursday news release.

Westbrook police officers and rescue personnel on Wednesday responded to a suspected heroin overdose in a wooded area adjacent to 17 Main Street in Westbrook. The victim was taken to the Maine Medical Center, treated and released.

Officers recovered several packages of heroin from the scene of the overdose and later determined that the victim had purchased the heroin from a room at the Travelodge motel on Brighton Avenue in Portland, the release said.

Drug agents began surveillance of the Travelodge and determined that the occupants of room 127 were involved in selling the drugs from the room.

Agents say they seized heroin, crack cocaine, about $4,500 in cash and two handguns, one of which was reported stolen following a burglary in Standish.

The release said Burwell was arrested as she attempted to flush the heroin and crack down the toilet.

She was transported to the Cumberland County Jail, and her bail was set at $50,000.

Agents say additional suspects have been identified and more arrests are expected.