A warm, safe, and supportive environment is something every young mother and child deserves.

Some are lucky enough to be welcomed into Ann's House in Bangor. A dream of Karen and Bill Rae of Manna, Incorporated.

Ann's House provides shelter and support for young women and their children, while giving them skills and confidence to eventually live independently.

Karen Ann Rae passed away five years ago, but her idea for Ann's House was brought to life in 2011 by her Husband Bill, and Director Sherry Molcan, in a wing of Manna, Inc. on Main Street in Bangor. Already, Ann's House has supported close to thirty women and several children.

Rae says Ann's House is not a shelter for victims of domestic violence and there's a zero tolerance for drugs. He says there's a waiting list.

Now, Ann's House needs your help to expand their services and programs, and they only have a few weeks left to raise matching grant funds. A grant of sixty-thousand dollars has been pledged to Ann's House, but Rae says it requires a match by the end of the month.

Perhaps you can help. As Rae is quick to point out, there's no donation too small as they work to provide a healthy and supportive environment for single young women and their children.