We continue the 90's at Nine Online today with June Carter's daughter Carlene and her very fun video 'Every Little Thing!' Carlene always had very entertaining videos, with lots of energy and bright colors. The first single from her second CD, the song was a hit and the video was one of the favored on TV that year!

I always enjoyed Carlene's music. She mixed traditional country with a rockabilly swing that kept your toe tapping through the whole song. And with her roots, it's not surprising!

Carlene is the daughter of country legends, June Carter and Carl Smith. And, of course, she's the step-daughter of Johnny Cash. That's a lot of country tradition influencing her sound! She actually got her start as an addition to the Carter Sisters, a revision of the original Carter Family.

Like her famous step-father, Carter has had some struggles with drugs. In 2001, she and her fiance Howie Epstein were arrested in New Mexico for possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of heroin and paraphernalia. Epstein and Carter were never married and he died in 2003 of a suspected drug overdose.

The following year, she was picked up for identity theft to obtain prescription drugs. Realizing that she needed help, Carter moved back in with her mother and Cash, even though she had two homes of her own. With her family's support, Carter was able to kick the drugs and get her life back on track.