A huge viking ship will be visiting Maine this summer.

The Draken Harald Hafagre will dock in Maine this month. The largest viking ship built in modern times will be visiting Rockland July 22, through 25. As a part of the visit, there will be public tours of the ship, and a free shore-side exhibit exploring the history of the Vikings and their vessels.

The Draken Harald Hafagre in Rockland:

  • Arrival Ceremony - At 3:30 Sunday afternoon the Draken will sail into port. Captain Björn Ahlander and his crew will step ashore to welcome the crowd and introduce the Draken. The event is free.
  • Draken Documentary Screening - Monday at 7PM The Strand Theatre will show the documentary Expedition America - a Modern Viking Adventure. Following the film, members of the crew will be on hand for a Q&A session. Tickets are $15 and available online.
  • Lecture with Captain Björn Ahlander - On Tuesday at 7PM, the Draken's captain will outline the adventurous expeditions of the Draken. Tickets are $25 and available online.
  • Ship Tours - Monday July 23, through Wednesday July 25, from 10AM to 8PM climb aboard and explore the ship. During each 30-minute tour, guests are guided through the ship and offered a look at a day-in-the-life of the crew and the historic craftsmanship used to build the ship with oak, tar, hemp, iron, and silk. Tickets are $6 for kids (ages 5 to 15, free admission for ages 4 and under); $12 for adults (ages 16 and over); and $30 for a family pack (includes two adults, and up to three children) can be purchased online.
  • Departure - The Draken Harald Hafagre will set sail for its next port of call at 8PM Wednesday, July 25.

Tickets for all of the events above can be purchased online at Drakenhh.com/rockland.

The Draken Harald Hafagre has made many epic voyages over the years. In 2016 its crew lead the ship across the Atlantic, from Norway to Canada. Then sailed down the St. Lawrence River, into the Great Lakes, to New York. Cameras were rolling during the voyage. The resulting documentary will be shown at the Strand Theatre, July 23, at 7PM. See above for ticket info.

The ship will be docked at the Rockland Public Landing.

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