When you are single and looking to mingle it seems the scope of available and acceptable candidates are slim pickings. Fear not singles! The Martin Prosperity Institute team have crunched the numbers from the American Community Survey and they have come up with a map of the US showing where men outnumber women, and vise versa. 

It seems your best bet to find a single woman between the ages of 18 and 64 is the west coast. Ladies, we are in luck! According to the map the east coast is swimming in a sea of single men in the same age range.

A curious thing happened when they broke the maps down according to smaller age ranges. When using the ages 18-24 and 25-34 they found more single men over all. Great news for us girls! However, men are going to have wait till they are forty or older to be outnumbered by women. The ratio of men to women ages 45-64 in Boston are at least 50,000 single women to every 1,000 men. Sounds like a dream right? Men have the best odds being young and plentiful and then having all the pickings when they are out numbered in their later years.