Anyone buying alcohol should be prepared for the clerk to ask them to remove their mask, momentarily, while they confirm their identity.

I spent over six years working in a convenience store, and I can attest to the fact that people often get offended when asked for their ID, while buying alcohol. But, by law, the person selling the beverages has to confirm the purchaser's identity and age. Selling alcohol to minors results in fines for the clerk and the store, and could result in the clerk's alcohol-selling privileges being revoked, as well as the store's liquor license.

That law hasn't changed, despite the fact that we're all wearing masks when making our purchases. So, if a seller asks for your ID, chances are they're also going to ask you to remove your mask, momentarily, while they confirm that your face matches the one on your license/ID. When it happens, remember that the mask is there to protect others from YOU getting THEM sick. You're not going to catch COVID-19 just by removing the mask for a few seconds. Be courteous. We're all in this together.

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