I’m no expert.  I have no horse in the race, other than wanting all children no matter who’s they are to be safe.  Teachers and Staff too.  And bus drivers.

Let me go on the record by saying I’m not trying to rock the boat, and school systems will have plans in place. Last thing I want is to cause any controversy, or suggest people choose sides and be nasty to the other side. I have an opinion on most everything.  But it’s rare you’ll hear it. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, nor do I want an argument, or even a discussion about most things. So you have your opinion, and believe it and stick to it. That’s your prerogative. I learned a long time ago that nobody changed their mind and switched thoughts based on someone being nasty to them, or treating them like they should be like sheep and not have their own opinions.

With that being said, we can hold our own anonymous poll and see what people think. No matter what ends up happening, you still get to have your thoughts and opinion.  I read an Associated Press story  that said just 10% of Americans think we should have full school re openings this fall. 

I think Maine will poll higher than that.  But we’ll see. Whatever you think, and whatever happens Here's to Safety, with well wishes for all.




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