With the popularity of the recent 'Giraffe Cam' we wanted to know what else you would watch if it was live streamed. Here are some ideas for Bangor.

According to the Associated Press, YouTube reported over 200 Million viewers tuned in to wait and watch the live birth of a baby giraffe in New York at Animal Adventure Park. It was somewhat shocking to see the huge number of comments and interest from across the country.

It got us wondering, what else would you watch on a live stream? Here are some ideas we came up with for live streams in Bangor:

1. The Bangor City Forest

We think it would be interesting to have a live cam here with night vision to capture all the critters that lurk in the woods just beyond busy Bangor.

2. Downtown Bangor

Having a cam somewhere like the roof of the Penobscot Theatre pointed down to the square could capture Bangor's parades, New Year Eve Ball Drop, nightlife and more of the many activities that happen along this stretch of Main St.

3. The Kenduskeag Stream

This cam would show things like the rise and fall of the stream through the city, as well as the Kenduskeag race, and seasonal changes. We think it would be interesting to watch 24/7! It would be a great live stream...of a stream...!

4. Paul Bunyan

We can't decide if there should be a cam on Paul Bunyan from the roof of Hollywood Slots as something similar is done with the statue of Liberty's torch? Or should there be a cam that gives you the same view as Paul?

5. The Penobscot River

The river is tidal and has quite a current. Summer nights it's usually occupied by boats lit by strings of party lights. Winter nights it reflects the light from the moon. How beautiful and relaxing would that cam be!

6. The Waterfront

We need 2 cams here. One that captures the waterfront walking path and the general area the Folk Festival takes places. Another that points at the Darling's Waterfront Pavillion to show crowds gathering for shows, and the concerts and events that take place there.

Got any idea for Bangor live cams? We might add them to our list!

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