What's going on here? It really makes you pause to think about every thing our federal government is not telling us. There have been news articles here and there, suggesting the Department of Homeland Security is preparing for something big, here in our home land.

From the way the President and members of both political parties are talking about sequestration and impending budget cuts come March First (forced because Congress, in its rife partisan divide, could not do the job they should have), it sounds as though Armageddon looms once again. Some people are genuinely concerned that an economic collapse is imminent and unfortunately, that would lead to civil unrest.

Would Americans start to riot in the streets as we saw in Greece?

And then there's the assault on the Second Amendment running rampant since the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings. Lawmakers throughout the country trying to address heartache and fear by rushing to create laws that while well intended, serve no useful purpose other than to create a sense of fear of law-abiding citizens who own guns.

I've never reported on one news story where a person with criminal intent paid any regard what so ever to the "law" or "safe zone."

Some people also fear that far-reaching politicians will create a second revolution of sorts if they try to disarm the American citizenry.

From reports of domestic military training exercises in our cities, to stories about Homeland Security purchasing massive amounts of ammunition, it does make you wonder if the administration is preparing to declare martial law against it's own citizens. Do we have that many federal agents who are armed who need to target practice? Do you target practice with the more expensive, hollow point ammo?

It's even been suggested that high-ranking members of the military have either resigned or been forced out because they've been asked if they would fire on American citizens. They said, "No."

This latest report does little to quell suspicions. What are we supposed to think?