Young Boozer, Mark Mullet, Butch Otter, Kiki Curls are just some of the unique names of elected officials across the country. Here are the unique names from Maine.

loading... has found the 'Most Surprising-Named Elected Officials' in each state. Apparently Maine has some pretty tame names compared to other states. According to their list the most surprisingly-named elected officials in Maine are :

  • Chellie Pingree (U.S.Rep)
  • Patricia Hymanson (State Rep.)
  • Pinny Beebe-Center (State Rep)
  • Ryan Tipping (State Rep)
  • Brownie Carson (State Senator)
  • David Woodsome (State Senator)

Did they miss any?

Here are some of the other interesting names from around the country:

  • David Branscum- Arkansas (State Rep.)
  • Susan Talamantes Eggman- California (Assembly Member)
  • John Hickenlooper- Delaware (Governor)
  • Ted Yoho- Florida (U.S.Rep.)
  • Steve Gooch- Georgia (State Rep.)
  • Clay Pirkle- Georgia (State Rep.)
  • Butch Otter-Idaho (Governor)
  • Sue Chew- Idaho (State Rep.)
  • Sid Saab- Maryland (State Delegate)
  • Rady Mom- Massachusetts (State Rep.)
  • Debby Dingell- Michigan (U.S. Rep.)
  • Nate Tate- Missouri (State Rep.)
  • Moffie Funk- Montana (State Rep.)
  • Candie Sweetser- New Mexico (State Rep.)
  • Pamela Anderson- North Dakota (State Rep.)
  • Bill Beagle-Ohio (State Senate)
  • Kevin Killer- South Dakota (State Senator)
  • Mae Beavers-Tennessee (State Senator)
  • Sheila Butt-Tennessee (State Rep.)
  • Trevor Squirrel- Vermont (State Rep.)
  • Mark Mullet- Washington (State Senator)
  • Bunky Loucks- Wyoming (State Rep.)

We think Georgia and Idaho have the best names on the list!

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