A website that was developed by two Medway-born brothers will tell you which area stores have the products you need.

This could be the coolest thing I've seen come out of the current run-on-toilet-paper-and-disinfectant trend. It's a website that allows you to locate the supplies you're looking for, without having to drive from store to store. I sat on my couch last night and found a retailer that had everything I haven't been able to find - hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and pasta. If it had been earlier in the evening, I would've jumped in my car and driven there immediately.

WABI-TV reports the website, found at quanantin.io, was developed by Chris and Trevor Violette, brothers who were born in Medway, Maine. They now live in Cleveland and Sacramento, and are gaining national attention with this amazing site. I love that they added a line on the front page of the site that addresses the current hoarding trend: 'Please be considerate. Only take what you need. We're all in this together.'

The site uses crowd-sourcing, so the information is fed by people as they walk down the aisles of stores. Next to the desired items on the site is a circle, which is filled in for the percentage of items located in that store. No color on the circle? The store is out of the product. Lots of color? They just stocked up and it's time to hop in the car. Leave it to a couple of Mainers to use community support as a way to make life more efficient.

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