Okay, don’t freak out.

Possible? Yes. Likely? No.

It might seem a tad premature to discuss snowflakes and winter coats. However, if you think the snowy season isn’t entering its striking range, think again! 

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Think back to 1991, a year that brought us Hulk Hogan's movie "Suburban Commando," the cool breeze of an early fall, and even a surprise dusting of snow on September 29th. Yes, you read that right—snow in September. This means we can now consider the idea that we might see snow again “next month.” However, if you're feeling a tad anxious about this, rest assured that history, while it sometimes repeats itself, doesn't always follow the same script.


Now, let's talk averages. The first snowfall usually wraps itself around Maine sometime in the opening days of November. However, being in the Pine Tree State means that winter has its own unique way of unfolding. It’s generally known to march to its own beat. 

If you're raising an eyebrow about Maine's peculiar snowfall schedule, here's another tidbit: the latest first snowfall recorded was on November 21st, back in 2016. And, of course, we might also experience something similar this year. Maine's weather is incredibly unpredictable.


But we’ve been talking about Vacationland as a whole, let's focus on Bangor. A quick glance at the recent "first snowfall" archives gives us a glimpse of what we might expect:

  • 2022: November 16th
  • 2021: November 27th
  • 2020: November 3rd
  • 2019: November 11th
  • 2018: November 10th
  • 2017: December 9th

So, if you're eagerly awaiting the first snowflake, keep an eye on November—it might just bring you some winter magic. But here's the twist: don't dismiss the chance of a surprise snowflake in September or a snowy start to December. Mother Nature enjoys keeping us guessing (and chilly, too). With that said, we can say with certainty that October won't be snowy. It's a toss-up between September, November, or December. October doesn't stand a chance, though. 

As we sip our iced coffees and soak in the last month and some change of summer, let's remember that while the thought of snow might be a bit premature, there's definitely no rush to dust off those snow boots just yet. But who knows, maybe this year we'll break a record or two – after all, isn't that what records are made for?

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