I suppose washing your car in good weather isn't just a Maine thing, but I tell ya, when I tried to get my car washed on my lunch break yesterday, I quickly learned that everyone else had exactly the same idea. I mean, let's face it...it was 41 degrees.

And that's just the thing, I drove to three different spots, just to end up third in line at the one I finally chose. It seems everyone goes into full panic mode. It's as though their greatest deep-seated fear is that they might come out to find their driver's side door frosted shut.

Sure there's always the chance you could pull too hard on the frozen door and rip off the weather stripping, or completely destroy your rotator cuff and end up in the ER, but Mainers are tough. You got this!

Since it is Maine, and it was nice out, I got right in line like a champ. I even have video proof that I do indeed wash that poor car. Every now and then, anyway.

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