Now's the time to get your ice-fishing shack off the ice and you better be very careful doing so.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says the ice on Maine's lakes and ponds is quickly becoming unstable.

Wardens say wearing a life vest under your gear and having a pair of accessible ice picks can be life-saving precautions if you do fall through the ice.

If you absolutley have to drive a vehilce out on to the ice at this point, which is NOT advisable, Wardens say keep your windows rolled down, do not buckle your seatbelt and talk about emergency plans with any passengers to be sure you're ready if you have to bail from your vehicle quickly.

24 year old Robert Sinclair managed to escape yesterday unhurt after his truck plunged through thin ice on Hermon Pond and started to sink in 12 feet of water near Jackson Beach.

This weekend's weather calls for sun and mild temperatures which will soften the ice even more.