Northern Light Health is looking for some helpful volunteers to aid in the vaccination process at their COVID clinics.

You don't have to be a healthcare worker to help at the clinics. You just need to have a desire to help healthcare workers deliver as many vaccinations as possible. Although Northern Light is also looking for help from anyone who can function in a clinical role. Maybe you belong to an organization that could help, as a group, like an athletic team or a social club.

"Supporting the Mass Vaccination Clinics at the Cross Insurance Center through volunteer service is a great opportunity for people to make a direct and positive impact on the community during this global pandemic," says Stacey Coventry, director, Volunteer and Community Development Services, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. "In addition to dozens of healthcare workers and leaders, each of our Bangor clinics is supported by more than 70 volunteers helping in a variety of roles."

Some of the duties performed by volunteers include COVID symptoms screeners, line traffic managers, appointment validators, check-in staff, pharmacy techs, clinical observers, and more. The vaccination clinics operate several days a week and volunteers would need to contribute four to eight hour shifts during every clinic.

To become a volunteer, you would need to register, complete a quick orientation online, and pass a background check. If you have a clinical background, your license will need to be in good standing and you'll be required to provide that licensure information for verification. All volunteers will get the training and education needed to successfully perform their duties.

Find more information about how to become a community volunteer on the Northern Light Health volunteer website.

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