Some Maine outdoor experts got together to figure out what the creepy animal is and they are pretty sure they know.


Readers of the Bangor Daily News, some experts and people commenting all had an opinion on what the hell that thing caught on a trail camera was. Here is the original story that started it all.

Norman Tremblay, up in Lowell in Penobscot County, caught this 'thing' on his Christmas gift camera. He thought it was a fisher, most said it was a beaver but the experts finally came to the conclusion that it's a very wet porcupine!

The BDN was not fooling around here. They did some serious investigative reporting and got Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife biologists Shevenell Webb, Keel Kemper and Bob Cordes and longtime trapper Bob Noonan to fight it out.

Kempber and Webb were going with beaver at first (most laymen said beaver) but it was biologist Bob Cordes who said it was a soaking wet porcupine. Then trapper Noonan laid it all out on the line - 'Porcupine - without a doubt.'

Without a doubt? Mmmmm, I think this may be one of those animal sightings debated for generations to come. One thing for sure, I think we can confidently rule out a gargyle from Stephen King's mansion up the road 40 miles or so.



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