The seven-day forecast appears to be truly "Bananas."

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The annual Townsquare Media "Free the Z" Turkey Drive commenced in the Hannaford parking lot in Brewer on Tuesday, November 14th, extending until Thursday night when TV5 took over, hosting their annual Turkey Telethon also in collaboration with Penquis on Thursday, Nov. 16.


The partnership between Z107.3 and Penquis has been a cherished tradition for 23 years, marking this year as the Michael Jordan era of the collaboration. Next year will be the Kobe Bryant year, and I suppose 2025 will be the Austin Rivers year. Can you think of anyone else who wore #25?

The drive welcomes both monetary and turkey donations to ensure that 7,000 families have a Thanksgiving meal this year.


TV5 went all out to make this year's telethon a success, including featuring celebrity guests such as Bananas T. Bear.

Bananas T Bear
Bananas T Bear Facebook page

In a video shared on WABI TV5's Facebook page, Bananas joined Meteorologist Emilie Hillman on the weather wall to present the forecast. Hillman then stepped out of frame, allowing Bananas to take the lead in pointing and presenting, creating a ventriloquist-like effect. You can watch the video here.

The University of Maine mascot, Bananas T. Bear, has been a beloved part of the UMaine community since 1914. Bananas is currently cared for by the fraternity brothers of the Sigma Xi Chapter of Alpha Delta National and the former Alpha Phi Omega fraternity.

Who knows? Perhaps Bananas has a new job lined up for the offseason!

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