Five members of the University of Maine men’s basketball team were suspended after a locker room fight that left one player with a broken jaw.

According to a UMaine police report, Marko Pirovic suffered a broken jaw when he was punched by teammate Wes Myers on Feb. 14, the Portland Press Herald reported Thursday.

Three of the players were reinstated Tuesday, while Pirovic and Myers remain suspended.

“It’s not good and there’s an obviously negative effect, short term," coach Bob Walsh said. "But I don’t think it’s reflective of who we are or the kids we have."

Pirovic, who underwent surgery and had his jaw wired shut, is done for the year.

As for Myers, it’s unclear if he will be allowed to return to the team.

“I hope so,” Walsh said. “For now, he’s suspended indefinitely.”

According to the report, Pirovic was listening to music, and Myers wanted him to turn it off.

The two players argued and then started fighting.

Walsh said the three other players who were punished following the incident, Ilija Stojiljkovic, Jaquan McKennon and Dusan Majstorovic, were suspended for lying and trying to cover up the incident.

The 6-24 Black Bears will wrap up their regular-season schedule Saturday on the road against the Binghamton Bearcats. Next week, the team will compete in the America East Conference tournament.

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