27 year-old Ashley Monroe has an old soul. Her music is rooted deeply in the twangy essence of country music. It's probably why the Knoxville, Tennessee native was an easy choice to join Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley in the trio that make up the Pistol Annies.

You may remember our recent post about another release: 'Weeds Instead of Roses,' that turned a few ears. She has a knack for getting to the epitome of life and hardship.

Monroe's other musical efforts have landed two of her songs in the top 50 on the country music charts, and there's a good chance her latest song--in just title alone--will get some recognition too.

'Two Weeks Late' is just what it sounds like. Monroe sings about a the hardships of a hookup gone wrong. Let it be a lesson.

Here's the video release from CMT:



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