There's an old Maine tradition that revolves around sitting in one spot for hours, watching or listening intently. I certainly don't mean in front of the television. but you know, some folks spend hours on their ham radios, or listening to their scanners, or hanging out on the airwaves with their CB's. For sure though, there's a lot of folks out there doing one of these things.

There are also tons of bird watchers in Maine. We have a lot of different ones to see. My sister-in-law is an avid bird watcher. And I've learned a lot about different species, just by sitting at her dining room table and staring out the window, and asking questions. Well, what if you could sort of combine all these things into one little activity?

Thanks to the Heron Observation Network of Maine, you can pretty much do just that. There are tons of Great Blue herons that have been digitally tagged, and through their site, you can actually track where the birds are going.

Image via MDIFW Facebook page
Image via MDIFW Facebook page

On the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Facebook page, they were talking about Nokomis, a female heron that has been seen going as far south as Haiti!! she was tagged in Palmyra, and has gone all the way down to Haiti for the third year in a row.

So if you need a new winter activity to pass the time, and the action on the scanner or CB is starting to dry up a bit, why not see where the herons are flying off to? Who knows, you may end up a junior ornithologist before it's all over?!

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