Today, June 19th, is 'Eat an Oreo' Day! Well, I have a question...what day isn't???

Since the introduction of the Oreo Cookie in 1912, it has been the best selling cookie in the United States! And yet it's so simple...two chocolate wafers with sweet creme filling in between the two! Oreo cookies are known to be the best cookie for dunking in milk, and try and tell me you have never eaten an entire package in one sitting?!?!

Gusto Images/Getty Images

Now owned by Nabisco, the original Oreo hasn't changed...but they have made many new varieties, like the Double and now Triple Stuffed Oreo, the Peanut Butter Oreo, all the seasonal Oreos, the Dipped Oreos...and now the new Birthday Cake many little time!!! So tell us, as you celebrate 'Eat an Oreo' Day what's your favorite that you'll be dunkin' today? If you don't see your favorite...add it to the list please!