It's Hot Hunk Monday with a new match up as super champ Keith Urban goes into temporary retirement. 

Last week we had a very close poll with our super champs Keith Urban and Scotty McCreery in a neck and neck race all week. Keith came out on top only winning by about 10%! He goes back into retirment until another hunk wins 5 weeks in a row! Could one of our new hunks be the next super champ?

This week we have a recent visitor to the Bangor Waterfront, Kip Moore taking on the opening performer for Rascal Flatts on the 4th of September, Chris Lane!

Kip Moore not only put on an awesome performance when he opened for Miranda Lambert, but he actually stayed and shook hands with hundreds of concert goers and thanked them after the show on Sunday. He was also spotted at a local gym pumping iron and taking photos with fans. So not only is this guy super nice, he's also ripped! He's talking on the next opening act at the Darling's Waterfront Pavilion.

Speaking of ripped, Chris Lane is no stranger to the weight room either! As his hit single 'Fix' and his new album 'Girl Problems' suggest, Chris hasn't had the best luck in love, but he seems like he has a big heart. Oh, and get this! His inspiration to sing country music was none other than our Hot Hunk Super champ, Keith Urban!!

So who is the hottest hunk?