This Goodwill store gives you a rush, and is kind of intense, but you can leave with some treasures for a cheap price!

This is less like shopping, and more like an experience. At this Goodwill Buy-the -Pound shopping center in Gorham you never know what you will leave with! The adventure begins differently depending on what time you arrive at the location.

Usually when you walk in you are greeted by the sight of a large open warehouse type room full of large blue bins on wheels, and people surrounding them and digging furiously through the contents.

Every so often employees of the store will stop everyone and ask you to back up to lines they have marked on the floors. Here everyone waits eagerly as the current bins are pushed out of the room and new, full bins are brought in. After all the bins have been brought in, you are given the signal to shop, and the scramble begins again.

Here's the best part, as you scour though the bins and collect your items in a cart you don't have to look for price stickers! Nothing in the blue bins in marked with a price and is instead paid for by the weight. For example shirts are 99 cents a pound and generally weigh half that, so you're getting a shirt for around 50 cents! In fact, sometimes you don't even need to empty your cart, you can just wheel it onto the floor scales they have!

This bargain center is a great kept secret and is even a little difficult to find, so the who thing really is an adventure! Put this place on your bargain bucket list! Find out more about the Gorham Buy-the-Pound Goodwill here.

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