The legend of Bigfoot is a myth that transcends international borders. Despite its worldwide fascination, some Mainers have claimed Bigfoot is in the state and some have seen it for themselves.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, between 1970 and 2020, 8 Maine counties have reported sightings of the legendary Bigfoot. Of the sixteen counties in Maine, two counties have reported the most, Oxford and York.

Other counties that have reported sightings of the creature include Androscoggin, Cumberland, Hancock, Oxford, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Waldo, and York.

A recent report documented on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website in Oxford County last fall was considered a 'Class A' report, which indicates that there is more credibility to the sighting based on the evidence provided in the report. The sighting was near Bryant Pond where multiple people saw a 'massive bipedal creature walking towards us' within 200 yards of the witnesses. Once the creature became aware of the humans, it took a fast left turn into the nearby woods. The sighting was witnessed a little before noontime on a clear, seasonable September day.

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So, where could one find a Bigfoot here in the State of Maine? You could imagine that a bigfoot would want to wander undisturbed by humans as well as want to place itself within a short distance of a variety of food and water sources. There are many places in Maine that a lesser human population and abundant access to a variety of foods could be a location for a Bigfoot, even in the more densely populated areas of Southern Maine.

Have you seen Bigfoot? You can write up your account, fill out a form and submit it to the website. 

Where will Bigfoot surface next in the great Maine wilderness? We'll be watching the reports to find out.

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