To be honest, some folks could make a good argument for a lot of other animals. Bobcats could be dangerous. Coyotes, fisher cats, and the occasional lynx could all be candidates. But as short as a list of three may seem, it covers a lot of ground in our Maine woods.

But according to, these three pose the greatest danger to people. Either because of their unpredictability, or they're insidious ability to basically poison you for life.

Black Bears


Now, it's not in their nature to come after you. the old adage "they're more afraid of you, than you are of them", partially rings true, but black bears aren't really that into surprises. In fact, there was a bear attack, right here locally, last year. If you're in the woods, just whistle and talk loud, and make your presence known. The best advice if you come across one, is to wave your hands and yell a lot. Just don't run.


Again, right here in Maine, a moose chased away a person that got too close for it too feel comfortable. They are extremely private critters, who just want to eat as much as possible, and occasionally make baby meese. But if you get all up in their business, they are definitely going to let you know it. And they are waaaaaay faster than they look. If a moose wants to get closer to you quickly, look out! And considering the average moose outweighs you by several hundred pounds, this isn't a battle you're going to win.


Melinda Fawver

What haven't we all said about ticks a million times. They're like Samsonite luggage from the 70's. No matter how hard you try, you just can't kill a tick. but the health risk they pose to humans is absolutely undeniable. Lyme disease affects so many people. and if you don't have it yourself, you absolutely know someone who does. I have a couple friends with the disease, and it's no joke.

By and large, Maine is about the safest place in the whole country you can live. Our most dangerous animals pale in comparison to other places. We have no known poisonous snakes, no scorpions, no major weather disturbances. Even our tornadoes are a joke compared to other parts of the country.

But I think that's just all the things that keep us right here, without much thought to living somewhere else. Sure I'd love a restaurant that's open past 9 p.m., but I will trade that to not be bitten by a rattlesnake, or have my roof blow off. But, it does kinda suck that I need to do a full body check after I mow my lawn. Oh well. Welcome to Maine.