We start the adventure with Mark and Troy in Mark's ex-wife's boyfriend's living room. As it should be.

Those two party animals down a dirty thirty before they sing the national anthem at games. But we get to hear from Mark and Troy long before they pass out. Just long enough to learn some valuable facts about football and the Patriots.

The first football game happened in 1896 between Rutgers and Princeton. Troy called it a boring nerdfest with players in boat shoes pushing around each other until they cried. He's not wrong. The first football players were paid 500 bucks in 1892. That's just a little higher these days.

But let's talk about the Pats! As the boys point out, here in Maine if you aren't rooting for the Pats you either have a traumatic head injury or are from Kittery.


The Pats first came on the scene in 1959 as the Boston Patriots and changed into the New England Patriots in 1971. We've been to the Super Bowl (yes we..and we are ALL part of the Pats) 11 times and won it 6 times. All of those wins with our beloved quarter-back Tom Brady. Brady left us for Tampa Bay. Whatever, we've now got the Mac Attack and are all in with him!

Mark and Troy have been all over the State of Maine. Every 'episode' is those two goofing around, yet you leave knowing something about Maine you didn't know before! Inside scoop: Troy and Mark are Portland comics James Theberge and Ian Stuart. Wicked pissah! Good luck to the Pats and Mark and Troy remembering any of the games!

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