Hopefully you've got a healthy back and a strong shovel because if you believe the Old Farmers Almanac forecast for the coming Maine winter, we're going to get A LOT of snow. But there's a silver lining in there, because the almanac predicts most of that snow will come in a two month period. That's good, right?

Philip Rozenski

Unlike last winter when the Old Farmers Almanac promised a slushy winter (pretty accurately too), this winter will be a tale of two Maines. Northern Maine will be pulverized with freezing temperatures as a colder-than-normal winter is predicted. For southern Maine, it won't be frigid temperatures we have to worry about but instead piles and piles of snow. The Almanac is predicting two extremely snowy periods, from mid-December to mid-January and another snow party from early-to-mid-March.

Jonathan Larsen

If you're sitting there reading this confused because you though the Farmers Almanac already predicted something different for Maine this winter, you'd be right. There's actually a difference between the Farmers Almanac, which is published in Lewiston, Maine and the OLD Farmers Almanac which is based in Dublin, New Hampshire. The Farmers Almanac was first published in 1818 and the Old Famers Almanac was first published in 1792. Both publications continue to be popular and often times, their predictions are right in-line with each other. This winter however, those predictions vary.

The Famers Almanac calls for plenty of cold and snow in northern Maine but predicts southern Maine will see everything and the kitchen sink. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, warm days, freezing days etc. Store this predictions away and let's see which Almanac made the most accurate forecasts.

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