Maine's fall hunting seasons are right around the corner. This Maine-based YouTube channel will get you ready for time in the deer stand, turkey woods, or the dirt roads loaded with grouse.

Maine's bear hunting season is underway, marking the start of Maine's many fall hunts. Over the next few months, hunters will take to the woods in search of bear, moose, deer, turkey, upland birds, and small game. Covering the bases of all these seasons is the YouTube channel, The Maine Hunt.

The Maine Hunt follows passionate hunters, Zach Martin, and Daniel Schaeffer. These guys really know how to get after piles of grouse, monster bucks, long-bearded Toms, and mighty Maine moose. They say of their content: "We started TMH simply because we wanted our memories to be documented. Everybody has memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, but having video of the memories is something special. Reliving those moments of adrenaline and excitement has become an obsession for us. We hope you enjoy our hunts, and hope that you can learn something from our experiences."

As many woodsmen know, the best way to become a better hunter is to get out in the woods, mess up, and try over and over again, until you succeed. In today's modern world, some of this work can be learned by watching experienced hunters, like Zach, Daniel and their friends, online. It's a bonus to watch Maine hunters, and learn how they hunt Maine's unique landscape, crazy weather, and other challenges hunting the Northeast can throw at you.

The Maine Hunt features excellent cinematography, adrenaline pumping hunts, and an opportunity to learn and grow as a hunter. Keep the stellar video's coming gents.

Another Maine outdoors channel worth subscribing to is Chris Taylor's Maine Stream Adventures. Chris is a fishing MACHINE. Tune in for tips and tricks on landing big bass, foraging in the Maine woods, and his catch and cooks. More topics to come, including hunting, as he just launched his channel about two months ago. He also makes appearances on Zachary Fowler's channel, Fowler's Makery and Mischief. Fowler won History channel's show Alone, where he survived for 87 days in Patagonia.

Excellent work Chris. Keep 'em coming.

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