Another popular YouTube channel visited Maine for a hunt.

There's nothing like the sound of spring thunder, and doubling down on Maine long beards. YouTube channel and podcast, The Hunting Public, visited Maine durring the 2021 spring turkey season in pursuit of some big ol' Toms. As most hunters from away come to find, Maine isn't home to much public hunting land. However, generous Maine landowners are plentiful, as Aaron and Greg found out.

In their recently released video, the two hunters land in Portland and begin their scouting. By browsing through their OnX Hunt apps, they narrow in on promising turkey habitat. With the approval from the landowner, Greg is first to knock over a hot-to-trot gobbler.

While working to find Aaron a bird, a not so friendly to hunters landowner confronts the two hunters. The landowner apparently has had issues with poaching on his land, which spurred the heated discussion. Thankfully the land in which they were seeking to hunt was not his property, and they gain access to a promising parcel. Sure enough, the land produced for Aaron. After a few hen calls, a Tom came thundering through the field, and strutted into an excellent shot.

Feathers flew in Maine for the MeatEater crew back in 2020. In an episode of Cal In The Field, the MeatEater cast member visits Maine for a bird hunt. Filmed back in 2020, Ryan Callaghan joined Brent West of the High Peaks Alliance to discuss the complex issue of public recreational land use in Maine. The non-profit organization is comprised of local hunters, hikers, loggers, fishermen, snowmobile and ATV riders, registered guides, cross-country skiers, mountain bikers, among others, that work to ensure continuing public access to western Maine’s High Peaks Region.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

Maine hunters will soon take to the turkey woods for the spring season. Saturday, April 30, is Spring Wild Turkey Youth Hunting Day. Only junior hunters who hold a valid junior hunting license can participate in special youth hunting days.

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The spring turkey season opens to all on May 2, and runs through June 4.

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