Today is Dollar Day. The first day that the U.S. dollar bill was issued as 'legal tender' in 1862. The dollar bill might not be our favorite denomination of bill, but it's the most commonly printed bill. Roughly 8 billion ones are printed each and every year.

And the many, many dollars part? Here's the reasoning from The Q106.5 Morning Show this morning why tonight I'll win $346 million dollars in the lottery. The Scott Miller Retirement Program. 346 was the house number where I grew up. The cash value payout is $216 million, and that's the Cleveland area code, and I've been there. Mega Millions is played in 44 states. That was Hank Aaron's number and I like him. O.k., I'm stretching.

To continue from the conversation from this morning, 86% said they'd invest or save the money if they won. 33% would donate to charity. 28% go on a trip. 26% said buy a new home. You know if you hit that big of a jackpot, you could do all those things. But the first thing you'd do, is pay taxes. The Feds would take about $50 million off the top.  Now that's some haircut.

Photo, Fabian19, ThinkStock
Photo, Fabian19, ThinkStock

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