“Oh, he’s brutally honest,” Perry tells Taste of Country of her husband of two years.

Perry says she texted Arencibia from the salon chair to let him know the next time they Facetimed, he’d notice something different. The professional baseball player is catching for the Durham Bulls in Durham, N.C., meaning they see even less of each other than a typical country music couple. The Band Perry’s frontwoman wanted her man to know his blonde wife was a thing of the past.

Arencibia’s response? “I like you as a brunette, but I miss you as a blonde.”

Brother Neil Perry makes the point that guys often fib if asked for an opinion on hair, an outfit or new look. That’s not the baseballer’s style. “Technically I didn’t ask him, he volunteered, but that’s just JP — he likes to volunteer his opinion,” Kimberly says.

The Band Perry shared their new single “Comeback Kid” with Arencibia and other family members, and thankfully, her husband is a fan. “He heard it actually when it was just on acoustic guitar,” she says. “There were three versions of the song.”

“He heard all the versions,” Reid Perry adds.

Fans will notice that quite a bit is different about the Band Perry these days. Their wardrobe — once full of shocking color — is now mixes of white and beige. Kimberly Perry’s hair is dark and their Twitter and Instagram accounts were wiped clean in anticipation of the new music. It’s a new beginning for the trio, although despite what you’ve heard, their musical direction has not changed even if they did sign with Interscope Records (a rock, pop and hip-hop label) and Mercury Nashville.

“Folks were freaking out for a half-minute, like ‘Interscope, is that a pop label,’” Kimberly Perry says. “Here’s what people forget, we were signed to Republic Nashville originally. The reason that we did that deal was so that our partner in New York, Republic, could take songs like 'If I Die Young,' after they grew up at country, to the rest of the world.”

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