Who thinks of this stuff?  And believes that it should or could or might even happen.

Thanksgiving is now exactly a week in our rearview mirror, and if there were any leftovers still around I’d be spitting them out over what I heard.

Maybe you have heard the same silly idea that some are floating around.

Thanksgiving should be moved from its current Thursday to Friday.


And 27% of Americans want it to happen?  No way.

The mathematics means 73% don’t want Thanksgiving to change from the way it is currently, but for the life of me I can’t think of one single reason that the day should move to Friday from Thursday.

Unless people who have to work on that Friday after Thanksgiving are the ones that want the move.

Here is the survey from You Gov.

Fun Fact

Thanksgiving Day has been moved before. In 1939, President Roosevelt shifted the Thanksgiving holiday from the last Thursday in November to the second-to-last Thursday. In 1941, Congress split the difference, making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday of the month — usually its last Thursday but sometimes the second-to-last —  and Roosevelt signed it into law.

The same survey about moving the day from Thursday to Friday also asked questions about dinner at home or at The White House.

Or which would you pick Eating with your family or $1,000. (sorry family)

Next year maybe they can poll those of us that ate at a restaurant on Thanksgiving about how much it sucks that there are no leftovers to dig through for a sandwich the next day.

Or later Thanksgiving night.

Keep being thankful, and reach out if you can figure out why Thanksgiving should be moved to a Friday.  I want to know what those people are thinking.

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