It is great to not have to get on an airplane at Thanksgiving, isn’t it.

Some places in the country the kids move away to the big city, and it is not as convenient a car ride as it is in Maine.

Road trips are more fun than the hassle of airline travel in today’s world anyway.

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How far is too far though. Hang on, the answer is coming.

First, figure out what you want at the Travel Stop because the gas tank is approaching Empty.


When it comes to Mom’s Cooking, Mainers are willing to travel 4.6 hours. That is a hike.

Closest relative for me is a brother and his family in Connecticut.  And just he and I find spots halfway between to meet up for lunch on a weekend sometimes.  Like Thanksgiving Weekend.  If you bump into me in a small town in Massachusetts, it is because it’s halfway between houses. But it is not 4.6 hours away.

Of course, there is a survey for everything in today’s world.  Determining the ‘breaking point’ for travel in Maine for Turkey Day came from that survey.  And in the same survey, are you sitting down?  Sure you are, you are in your vehicle on the way to Mom’s for that stuffing she and only she makes.

Longest Auto trip in the USA for Thanksgiving?

In Wyoming, they will travel 14 hours on average for family and feast.  That is how many states away?  And don’t they have airports?

On the other end of the spectrum

Rhode Island claims the shortest road trips in America.  Rhodies will only travel an hour next week.

Sure, it is all about the turkey and family.


But pie is not far behind on the list of reasons people road trip for Thanksgiving.


A quick thought.  May the weather co-operate. May the car not breakdown and may the price of gas go down too. And may family be glad to see you and make it a most happy Thanksgiving.

Be grateful.

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