Thanks for all the entries into the Teacher Appreciation Week contest. From all entries received a random entry was drawn, and has been awarded with the 'I'm So Berry Thankful for you' arrangement from Edible Arrangements on Stillwater Avenue in Bangor. And the winner is Mrs,Ms, or Miss Miner, a 1st grade teacher at Downeast Elementary School in Bangor.

I made the delivery Thursday and when he read what 2 mothers of students wrote about their teacher, also made Miss Miner tear up a little bit.  Aw!  'She is one of the best teachers. My son loves school because of the fun and excitement she brings to the classroom everyday. She is a joy to talk to and a joy to see each day for both kids and parents. She truly does make each student feel special and wanted' And from another entry 'She is very willing to go above and beyond for any child. Always willing to do what she can to help the kids succeed'

After the presentation, I had a wonderful chat with Principal Mooers. That visit sure wasn't like the visits I used to have to make to the Principal's office. We talk about how much school has changed since we were kids and agreed with how much influence a teacher can have in someone's life. Shout out to Mr Borins in my case.  Again, big thanks to all who are teachers. Please know you're appreciated all year not just this week.

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