As a pet owner, one of the to-dos to ensure a cost-effective lifestyle is to get your animal spayed or neutered. Unfortunately, getting your pet spayed or neutered can be a costly bill that pet owners simply cannot prioritize or afford. Some estimates show that the cost of spaying or neutering a pet can be $200, $400 even up to $800 dollars.

Luckily, the Hancock County SPCA in Trenton is offering a three-day clinic to get this procedure done for the pets in the area at low or no cost.

Starting September 29, the SPCA of Hancock County will be starting their clinic. In order to meet the criteria of low or no cost procedures, the animal shelter put out some information on social media to educate the public on how the service will be given out.

Spots will be first filled by those who have received 'HelpFixME vouchers'. This is a program that has already been set up to help with this very cause and is something people have or are already signing up for to receive low or no-cost spaying of their pets. The point of this program is to control the pet population and decrease animals coming into the shelter only to be put down. The criteria for this program include already receiving financial assistance, household and income size, and certain things about your pet which includes animals from the state and not from another state, all cats, and some large dogs.

The low-cost option requires a $10 to $20 co-pay depending on the kind of pet receiving services.

The social media post also mentions that there will be a few spots available for those who don't qualify for the vouchers.

It is also mentioned by the SPCA of Hancock County that you do not need to be a Hancock County resident- that this is available to people living outside Hancock County, as well.

We know this is a service that is always a want for any pet owner who cares about the quality of life of the animals in Maine so, see if you can get in on this clinic to help reduce the pet population for higher quality pet lives.

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