Officials say the man who was the subject of Monday's 17-hour standoff in Old Town allegedly believes his son is God.

According to court documents, when officers arrived at the scene, 46-year-old Thadius Wind was wielding a large samurai sword and threatening to injure the police. WABI-TV reports he also allegedly told them he suffers from religious delusions, including a belief that he is the Ark of the Covenant and that his deceased son was God and was talking to him.

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Police evacuated the apartment building and closed down a portion of Stillwater Avenue, while they tried to convince Wind to exit the apartment. Crisis negotiators and tactical teams were brought in, but it was 17 hours before he would be taken into custody. During the standoff, Wind was posting pictures of broken windows and a large sword on his Twitter account.

Wind made his first court appearance on Tuesday, via video conference. When asked if he understood the charges against him, Wind replied that he understood, but found the charges to be "fictitious and fabricated." The judge ordered him held without bail until his next court appearance in August and that he take all medications prescribed to him. In addition, he will be required to undergo a psychological evaluation. Wind is also facing charges for a similar incident, earlier this month, in which he allegedly threatened one of his neighbors.

No one was hurt in the standoff that closed a portion of Stillwater Avenue in Old Town for more than 17 hours, and forced some local residents to shelter-in-place until it was over.

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