He's back with another breathtaking drone video taken in Maine. Jeremy Grant of The Timber Cross captured the video below of 20-30 Great Blue Herons nesting atop a railroad bridge in Wiscasset, Maine.

The birds pay no mind to the drone as it soars overhead, but we get the unique vantage point of looking down from above the birds, glimpsing the gorgeous geometry of their nest crafting.

Grant is a photographer and videographer who focuses his work on sharing the breathtaking views we often take for granted here in Maine, including lighthouses, mountain views, and wildlife. Drones are such a captivating source of video because they capture views we've seen forever from a new perspective. You have probably seen herons nesting in rivers and lakes of Maine; they're all over! But have you ever looked *down* on them? Now you can!

You can check out Jeremy's other videos and the work of The Timber Cross Film and Media on their website or facebook page.

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