The other day we shared with you The Most Brutal TripAdviser Reviews Of Bangor's Paul Bunyan Statue. While digging through all those nasty reviews, we took notice of a common theme.

A lot of displeased visitors noted that Paul isn't really in the most picturesque part of town. We love all the awesomeness that the Cross Insurance Center hosts, but it's not the prettiest backdrop for selfies. Not to mention is hard to get a picture with Paul without standing in Main Street.

So should he be relocated somewhere else in Bangor?

If so, we think he'd feel at home on the Waterfront. After all, a century ago the Penobscot River would be filled with thousands logs from the spring log drives. There's also plenty of space on the Waterfront for the addition of a Babe the Blue Ox statue.

To be clear, there's no plans to move him elsewhere. We're just asking for your thoughts.

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