Their job isn't easy. The hours are unpredictable, and their "office" can be anywhere in the vast woods of Maine. But these ladies and their dogs answer the call for hunters in need, season after season.

It's a nagging thought that will haunt hunter's dreams - "Did I hit it?" "Is it dead?" "Is it just wounded?" "Where did it run off to?" After the trigger has been pressed, the work begins at tracking down the game. A good hit will often times drop an animal quickly, with little tracking needed. Of course, sometimes the tracking aspect can be the hardest part. Thankfully, Maine has top notch experts on standby for those times of doubt.

Bringing closure to Maine hunters is a network of blood tracking dogs and their handlers. A newly released short film brilliantly showcases the astounding work of these trackers and their k9 companions.

YouTube channel, Hunting ME, premiered the film earlier this month. "Last Track: Finding Closure Through Dog Tracking" follows the work of blood trackers Lindsay and Susanne, as they take to the woods to help hunters close-in on their runaway game. The ladies and their dogs not only track down mortally wounded animals, but can also give hunters the closure they seek when their search efforts are exhausted. Their highly trained senses can tell whether an animal was gut shot, mortally wounded, or will survive the inflicted injury.

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Watch the whole film and get a fascinating glimpse of the incredible work these ladies and others do, season after season.

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