Let's be honest: we're spoiled here in Maine. First and foremost, its a wonderful place to live, especially in the summer. Secondly, and also why I assume people move here from other parts of the country, is the glorious lack of extreme weather. It's awesome, isn't it?Don't even bother to mention blizzards: while they can be devastating, they cause nothing near the large-scale destruction of an earthquake, sinkhole or tornado. We're safe as can be up here... or at least we thought.

Turns out we were wrong. We've already had a few this year, but we have to add to that list. The Bangor Daily News reported yesterday that not one, but TWO tornadoes touched down in rural Maine on Saturday. Check out the NECN's video of the aftermath below: ""

According to the BDN, the first one hit the ground at around 10:45pm just outside Millinocket. The second, which was weaker, but closer to town, hit Sherman around 11:30pm.

Before the number of tornadoes that have hit us this season, the only thing that a tornado called to mind for me was this:

Amblin Entertainment
Amblin Entertainment

... So I guess I'll have to update my perspective.

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