The golden anniversary of Bangor favorite water race is upon us as we near warmer months. Last year there was too much water, this year there might be too little! Either way, it should be interesting as always! You can sign up to be part of the fun now!

Photo via Amanda McDonald
Photo via Amanda McDonald

A lot of Bangor residents will tell you it is one of those things that you just have to do once.  But as fun as it is, there are also some risks. Risks involve getting, cold and wet, losing your personal belongings, losing your canoe, losing your paddle, or worst of all, losing your paddling partner!

Dare to take on the rocky rapids at 6-Mile Falls? You can read all about it and sign up here now! The race will be Saturday April 16th.

Want to see what it's all about? Check out these photos from last year's race including Kenduskeag legend, Zip Kellogg and the annual Gumby boat!

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