Here I am at the tender age of 55, and I decide to go skydiving with my coworker, Sabrina Colson, who also happens to do the morning show with our sister station, Z-107.3. She also invited her long-time friend to join us, Natasha Penney, who also happens to work for Glidden Autobody--you may have seen her in a couple of TV commercials. But truth be known, that was my third jump. I jumped in 1978, 2002, and now May 31, 2014. It never gets old.

We jumped with one of the finest skydiving companies on the planet: Vacationland Skydiving in Pittsfield. Big thanks to Brad, Matt, Pete and the entire crew for making it such a memorable experience.

The video speaks for itself, but if you've ever thought of checking it off the bucket list, then you need to contact Vacationland Skydiving today. Git er Done!


Photo by, Shirley Jewell