This is the epitome of road-trip-worthy...

Since I was a kid, I've adored The Price Is Right. Some of my earliest memories of childhood revolve around it. Whether it was watching it with my grandmother when I stayed home from school sick, or to yesterday afternoon when I was watching Barker-era reruns on the Pluto app on my Roku.

They've been showing episodes from 1983, and I've been completely, 100% engrossed. It's amazing how much more expensive things are now, but also how some things are ridiculously cheaper. Obviously, cars are more expensive, but an 18-inch color TV on TPIR in 1983 was hundreds of dollars. I saw a VCR listed as $999! You can get one at Walmart right now for like, $40.

Portland in September is going to be the spot...

On September 29, at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, the host will take the stage. It better be Drew Carey. If it's a lame-sauce version without him, I will protest. I already had to give up my beloved Bob Barker in the 2000s. I can't have some local schmuck or B-lister host. I just won't have it.

But rumor has it, according to WGME, the show will feature a ton of the classic games like Plinko, Cliffhanger, and of course, the Big Wheel. If I go, I'll pray I get on stage, even though I don't have that kind of luck, hahaha. But I desperately want to play Plinko. It's absolutely the best game.

It's the only one where you're guaranteed to win something. Sure, the likelihood of getting $25,000 is pretty small, but I'll take that chance. Start thinking about what the prices might be now if you decide to go. Then you'll be ready "Come on down..." if they call your name. I hope they call mine instead of yours. Just sayin'...


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