Police have converged on a property in Greenbush this week in hopes of locating a missing man.

Guy Carmel, 66, was last contacted in March of 2017, according to information provided by police. Investigators on Thursday were on the scene at 75 Towers Road in Greenbush, where Carmel lived.

Carmel is approximately 5’9 tall, weighs approximately 185 lbs., has gray hair and brown eyes.

On September 25, 2017, the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a possible Missing Person. The Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit was contacted by the Sheriff’s Department in November and we began working on this investigation.

Police say Carmel's property consists of a residence and out buildings that are located on approximately 10 acres of mostly wooded land. The Towers Road is a paved dead end road that is approximately 1 mile in length. We have the road blocked off and will only be allowing local traffic through that area until police have finished their work.

Police say they anticipate being at the property at least overnight and possibly through the day tomorrow.

Police ask anyone who has been in contact with Carmel, anyone who knows where he is or anyone who has information about where he may be to contact them. Anyone with information should Sgt. Darryl Peary at 973-3700.)

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