Waterville Maine: not the place you'd expect to hear when talking about the latest, greatest & according to Yahoo, "Ping Tank will redefine the way we express ourselves creatively", but it's true. CEO Jeremy Greene and CTO Derek Myska have created Ping Tank for Messenger, and it'll change the way you communicate on-line forever!

Jeremy & Derek told Q-106.5 the idea came about after talking about how boring the smiley face emoji was becoming...or LOL had run it's course...and why can you only LIKE things in the social media world, even if you don't! Well that night, Jeremy had a dream, called Derek...and when you follow your dreams, the world is wide open!

Ping Tank for Messenger was officially rolled out as part of Facebook Messengers latest update, and is available right in the app itself, or by going to iTunes for Apple, or the Google Play Store for Android.

I checked it out last night, and love the fact you can add Zombies to any photo you choose! But there are so many different themes you can add that you may never send that boring little :-) ever again!

Hear the Interview here!