We’ve all whined about what we can’t do because of the pandemic.  Okay, I’ve whined. So many things off the books for Summer 2020.  Travel. Large get togethers. Concerts. School. Work. Lots of issues with retail stores. And on and on.

But how about things that because of the pandemic, forced or initiative, we've done and enjoyed.

That’s the Q106.5 Morning Show Poll Question today.

What have you done you don’t normally do?

Lots of people that usually didn't have time to spend in the kitchen, discovered a recipe and made it at home

A beautiful interior of a custom kitchen

I mostly make reservations, so I’m not nose deep into cook books very often, but who knows. I have a week off coming up, and can’t go anywhere

More games and puzzles with the family? We used to play Scrabble every weekend, but somehow we're playing less.

Family playing board games in sitting room
Wavebreakmedia Ltd

I have done a couple of jigsaw puzzles though. Countdown to retirement.

How about Day Trips?



Long drives aren’t really my thing but I’ve hit a few back roads and just explored for an afternoon.

Dog travel by car. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever enjoying road trip.

Some have gone to the beach more than ever. I know, I know. No photographs. Okay just one

Townsquare Media Scott Miller
Townsquare Media Scott Miller

Some are arguing with their spouse. Yes, stressful times.  Me? No comment.

I guess the point is we can still make the most of every day, because they sure are ticking by. 5 months tomorrow since we started shutting everything down and moving in the slow lane. If you found a way to ‘make lemonade’ with your family during this stressful time, good for you. We’re all missing things we don’t like to miss, but if we’re replacing those things with other positive things, then we’re better for it.

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