People from all over love Maine and want to live here. In fact, Maine is second behind North Carolina in the percentage of out-of-staters who have decided to make this their home.

People are Moving to Maine in Big Numbers

In 2021, Maine actually had a higher percentage of people moving to the state than North Carolina. In 2022, North Carolina came in first, according to the Bangor Daily News..

The Numbers are Pretty Impressive

In 2020, Maine had 64 percent of moves into the state. In 2021, that number was down just a little bit to 61 percent. By July 2022, the population increased by 8,102 people in one year. That brings the total population in the state to 1,385,340 as of July 2022.

The Population in Aroostook County in 2020 and 2021

In Aroostook County, Maine, the population in 2020 was 66,994. In 2021, the number stayed pretty close to the same with 66,859 people living in the County. If you go back ten years, the number was higher. In 2010, the total population was 71,699, or 6.6% more people living here, according to the USA Facts website.

Reasons for the Move to Maine

The areas in Maine that are the most popular places to move are towns such as Rangeley and Ogunquit. The study by Atlas Van Lines points to safety as a big factor for the moves to the Pine Tree State. The study said the biggest reason for people moving in general is to be close to family.

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