From the 1950's to the 1990's, dance through the decades with an open floor in the Historic Bangor Opera House.

Rosemary Matthews, Getty Images
Rosemary Matthews, Getty Images

Remeber the old, uncomfortable chairs at the Bangor Opera House? They are all gone! The Penobscot Theatre is replacing the seating in the theatre meaning for one night only the floor is completely empty and perfect for dancing! Jitterbug, moonwalk, vogue, break dance, whatever your style, whatever your decade, they will have it all tonight, July 25th.

The fun starts at 5PM with music from the 50's and goes until 10PM. The music schedule is as follows:

5PM- 50's





Dancers can get pledges or make a donation at the door. You can come in costume, or just to dance. You may even want to have a wardrobe change ready to go with the changing decades.


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