Members of the Penobscot Nation will gather on the Bangor Waterfront Sunday to discuss the ongoing battle over territorial rights to the Penobscot River.

It's been a hotbed issue between the state of Maine and the Wabanaki Nation for a long time. In 2012, the state of Maine claimed sole jurisdiction of the river. This includes water quality standards, fishing regulations, environmental protections, and more. An appeal was filed by the Wabanaki Nation, but in 2015 it was ruled that the Penobscot River was not part of the Penobscot Territory. Tribal leaders disputed this claim, in part because the Penobscot River runs through their land.

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At 2:30 Sunday afternoon, members of the Penobscot Nation and other Wabanaki Tribes will hold a rally next to the Penobscot River to educate people about their culture and its connection to the river. On the event's Facebook page, the connection between indigenous peoples and the river is described this way:

The Penobscot People have lived along the Penobscot River since time immemorial. The River is our relative, one who has granted us with the gift of life and the ability to thrive. We have always been protectors of the River, she is where we derive our namesake as a people.

Speakers at the rally will include members of the Penobscot Nation, as well as other Wabanaki Tribes. The Wabanaki Nation is comprised of the four Maine tribes: Maliseet; MicMac; Penobscot; and Passamaquoddy.

The public is invited to stop by and learn more about their cause and chat with members of the Wabanaki Nation

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