And she is not just a newbie, but a flower business veteran.

Let’s go back to the summer of 2020. “A Touch of Grace” was born when Anthony and Jess Francis’ then 5-year-old daughter, Arabella approached them about wanting to open a flower shop in their garage.

The supporting couple wanted to help her achieve her dreams, but not convert the garage into a store.

The compromise was a roadside flower stand. And for the summer of 2020, Arabella was out on the weekends and some evenings at the roadside stand peddling her flowers. Much like kids have lemonade stands or sell Girl Scout cookies.

Except this wasn’t short-lived.  It lasted all summer.

Oh, how to spend the money raised?

Simple. Arabella did this diligently all summer long and never took even a dollar for herself.  The first summer the money was donated to "Ending Hunger."

Same for the summer of 2021. All the money raised went to a different charity. This time Parkinson’s Society, a charity close to the family’s hearts.

Courtesy Jess Francis
Courtesy Jess Francis

What to do for year 3?

The City of Old Town looked to fill some vacancies for their Downeast Market Village of Pop-Up Shops.

Arabella and her family submitted an application, and A Touch of Grace was selected to operate one of the Shops.

An actual storefront.

Courtesy Jess Francis
Courtesy Jess Francis

Arabella is over the moon, and so are her parents.

School is out today (Tuesday 14th), after a half-day,  and a soft opening will take place this Thursday the 16th, just in time for Old Town’s summer concert in the park series.

The official grand opening for the summer will take place on July 7th. And by then A Touch of Grace will announce the charity that will get a portion of the proceeds.

The shop is at 211 Main Street, Old Town. And in addition to flowers, they will also offer gift items.

This summer Arabella will turn 8 years old, and she’s already thinking of ways to make this her best flower sales year yet.

Let us all make sure that happens.

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